Environmental Management System Review-ISO 14001 Gap Analysis Protocol Audit Checklist

Published: 22nd March 2011
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ISO 14001 really are a generic document and it doesn't specify "how" to complete, but only states "what" to complete. As per the standard, environmental surroundings Management System should be documented and be demonstrable in the way in conjuction with the requirements of ISO 14001 models. The total demonstration in the Environment Management System includes four tiers of documents.

1.Environment Manual

2.Procedure Manual

3.Work Instruction/Operating Procedure Manual

4.Forms, Records

The amount of documentation should support and efficient Environment assurance system without developing a paper bureaucracy. The facts for documenting above four tiers of documents is described in this paper.

Requirement for DOCUMENT CONTROL: -

Environmental surroundings System includes a number of documents. Some system ought to be provided for safe keeping of complex records. It is important to clearly define as to where they should be kept as well as for just how long, and who is responsible for them. Each written procedure ought to be checked and signed by an authorized person, with issue number and issue date. The management representative should have a summary of all completed procedures, applicable to the individual departmental activities. Against each listed document the number ought to be shown with the date of the latest change. It's also known as a "Master Copy". It is a yardstick against which every other controlled copy can be judged.

From time to time the Committee for Management Review and Corrective Action may put forward recommendations for change in the process. The Management Representative should be accountable for implementing the modification. For making a big change, the new page ought to be circulated to the keeper from the controlled copy from the document with an instruction to insert the new page so as and return the replaced page to the Management Representative. Thus outdated documents will be taken off circulation. The change, which has been made, ought to be known to the staff and everyone should implement the new procedure. When a quantity of major changes happen to be made, a complete new manual has to be issued. The retention period for these records could be predefined either contractually or by the policy and it is to become mentioned in the Environment Manual.

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